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More about your job

Light manual work (writing, typing. drawing. sewing, book-keeping); hand and arm work (small bench tools, inspection, assembly or sorting of light materials); arm and leg work (driving vehicle in normal conditions, operating foot switch or pedal). Standing drilling (small parts); milling machine (small parts); coil winding; small armature winding; machining with low power tools; casual walking on level surface (speed up to 2,5 km⋅h−1).
Sustained hand and arm work (hammering in nails, filing); arm and leg work (off-road operation of lorries, tractors or construction equipment); arm and trunk work (work with pneumatic hammer, tractor assembly, plastering, intermittent handling of moderately heavy material, weeding, hoeing, picking fruits or vegetables, pushing or pulling lightweight carts or wheelbarrows, walking at a speed of 2,5 to 5,5 km⋅h−1 on level surface: forging)
Intense arm and trunk work; carrying heavy material; shovelling; sledgehammer work; sawing; planning or chiselling hard wood; hand mowing; digging; walking at a speed of 5,5 to 7 km⋅h−1 on level surface. Pushing or pulling heavily loaded hand carts or wheelbarrows; chipping castings; concrete block laying.
Very intense activity at fast to maximum pace; working with an axe; intense shovelling or digging; climbing stairs, ramp or ladder; walking quickly with small steps; running on level surface; walking at a speed greater than 7 km⋅h−1 on level surface.