Probability of the maximum heat stress condition forecasted during the week
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The Project

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Heat stress depends on the weather as well as your individual physiology and working conditions

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Use the advanced Heat-Shield alert system and get scenario specific and personalized forecasts, advice on hydration, how to minimize heat load, solutions for specific industries...

Personalized heat alerts and rest /hydration advice



Name: Prof. Lars Nybo / Institution: University of Copenhagen / Country: Denmark / e-mail: nybo[at]
Name: Dr. Andreas Flouris / Institution: University of Thessaly / Country: Greece / e-mail: andreasflouris[at]
Name: Prof. Lucka Kajfež-Bogataj / Institution: University of Ljubljana / Country: Slovenia / e-mail: lucka.kajfez.bogataj[at]
Name: Prof. Tord Kjellstrom / Institution: CETRI / Country: Cyprus / e-mail: kjellstromt[at]
Name: Prof. Simone Orlandini / Institution: Università di Firenze / Country: Italy / e-mail: simone.orlandini[at]

This project has received funding from the
European Union's Horizon 2020
Topic: PHC-04-2015
Call identifier: H2020-PHC-2015
Grant agreement No 668786

European Community